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Harmony Middle School

38174 West Colonial Highway, Hamilton, VA 20158

Mr. Eric Stewart, Principal

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solar car  
Mr. Caccavo's  and Mr. Whetsel's Classes making
and testing out their solar cars. 


School Board Members

  Harmony Staff 

 Mr. Jim Hepner,  Assistant Principal and 8th Grade Contact

Mr. Patrick White, Assistant Principal 
Mr. Jeff Jacobson, Dean and 7th Grade Contact 

Ms. Kellie KoptishDean and 6th Grade Contact

Ms. Stephanie Dacey, House A Secretary, Phone: (540)751-2508 

Ms. Pat Kipfer, House B Secretary,  Phone: (540)751-2507

Ms. Crystal Schilling, House C Secretary, Phone: (540)751-2506 

School Board Members
Eric DeKenipp, Catoctin District
Beth Huck,
At Large
Blue Ridge District